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is the central resource of Duisburg-Essen University that lists all publication activities of the university members. The entries are mainly based on information provided by the authors themselves. The bibliography is run by the university library. Since September, 2010 an editoral team revises and completes new entries.

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Newest publications:

  • Malewski, Sandra; Malkemper, E. Pascal; Sedláček, František; Šumbera, Radim; Caspar, Kai R.; Burda, Hynek; Begall, Sabine:
    Attracted by a magnet : Exploration behaviour of rodents in the presence of magnetic objects
    In: Behavioural processes : an international journal of comparative and physiological ethology, Vol. 151 (2018), pp. 11 - 15
  • Martakis, Kyriakos; Hünseler, Christoph; Herkenrath, Peter; Thangavelu, Kruthika; Kribs, Angela; Roth, Bernhard:
    The flexion withdrawal reflex increases in premature infants at 22–26 weeks of gestation due to changes in spinal cord excitability
    In: Acta Paediatrica, Vol. 106 (2017), No. 7, pp. 1079 - 1084
  • Ji, Yuan; Varkevisser, Rosanne; Opacic, Dragan; Bossu, Alexandre; Kuiper, Marion; Beekman, Jet D M; Yang, Sihyung; Khan, Azinwi Phina; Dobrev, Dobromir; Voigt, Niels; Wang, Michael Zhuo; Verheule, Sander; Vos, Marc A; van der Heyden, Marcel A G:
    The inward rectifier current inhibitor PA-6 terminates atrial fibrillation and does not cause ventricular arrhythmias in goat and dog models
    In: British Journal of Pharmacology, Vol. 174 (2017), No. 15, pp. 2576 - 2590
  • Kreuter, Michael; Spagnolo, Paolo; Wuyts, Wim; Renzoni, Elisabetta; Koschel, Dirk; Bonella, Francesco; Maher, Toby M.; Kolb, Martin; Weycker, Derek; Kirchgässler, Klaus-Uwe; Costabel, Ulrich:
    Antacid Therapy and Disease Progression in Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Who Received Pirfenidone
    In: Respiration, Vol. 93 (2017), No. 6, pp. 415 - 423