Goedicke, Michael; Sucrow, B.e.:
Towards A Flexible Software Architecture of Interactive Systems
In: Critical Issues in User Interface Systems Engineering / Benyon, D.; Palanque, P. (Hrsg.). - Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer, 1996
1996Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Towards A Flexible Software Architecture of Interactive Systems
Goedicke, MichaelLSF; Sucrow, B.e.


In this chapter we deal with the problem of designing the overall software architecture of an interactive system. The main emphasis in such software development activities lies on finding a flexible architecture which can sur vive many change requests. Thus we propose how to realize Design for Change in the case of interactive software systems employing a multi dimen sional human computer interface. Our approach is motivated by the idea that many interdependencies may possibly exist between the so called functional kernel of an interactive software system and its man machine interface. These interdependencies are governed by specific consistency relations which represent how relevant internal state information of the interactive software system is presented to its human user for display and manipulation purposes. The proposed approach applies the results of an analysis of such consistency relations in order to find related components within an architec tural structure. These components have specific tasks within the overall task to present and possibly manipulate the information managed by the interac tive software system.