Goedicke, Michael; Piwetz, C.:
A Module Concept for ViewPoints
In: Proceedings of the SIGSOFT 96 Workshops Second International Software Architecture Workshop (ISAW-2) : International Workshop on Multiple Perspectives in Software Development / Vidal, L.; Finkelstein, A.; Spanoudakis, G.; Wo, A. (Hrsg.). - San Francisco, California, United States: ACM Press, 1996
1996Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
A Module Concept for ViewPoints
Goedicke, MichaelLSF; Piwetz, C.


Currently available specification and design tools for groupware systems can be characterized as being supportive only for computer scientists. However, it is important to engage developers like social scientists in the development process for groupware applications. In order to describe the structured integration, we use the ViewPoints framework, a high level software engineering method, for the specification of groupware applications. The ViewPoints framework supports the most important software engineering principles like separation of concerns, abstraction, and generality but lacks the support of modularity. In this paper, we present a canonical approach to extend the ViewPoints frameworks towards the support of modularity. We illustrate the use of our module concept with a small sample groupware application.