Sucrow, B.e.:
Towards a Collaborative Spcification Process of Human Computer Interaction
In: Proceedings of the third World Conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology - Berlin, Germany, 1998
1998Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Towards a Collaborative Spcification Process of Human Computer Interaction
Sucrow, B.e.


The design of complex interactive systems can be suc cessfully supported by the collaboration of several teams. Each of these teams considers a specific part of the system under design specifying it in a suitable way, that is going continuously through a series of specification stages bet ween the requirements and the design stage. One of the most important questions here is whether the specifications of the various teams are able to interact with each other in the right way during each stage of the specification pro cess. This concerns the requirement that the interoperabi lity of the involved parts is always given in the intended manner. In this paper human-computer interaction is modelled using the concept of information resources and is formally specified by the notation of graph grammars. The forma lism of graph grammars and especially the graph grammar concepts of sequential independence, parallelism, amalga mation and distribution are valuable means for showing how collaboration of teams and interoperability of the respective arising specification parts of a system can be realized. The advantage of such a specification process is that the existence of consistency can be shown and that ari sing inconsistencies can be managed in a suitable way in every specification stage