Kamsties, E.; Pohl, K.; Reis, S.; Reuys, A.:
Testing Variabilities in Use Case Models.
In: Proceedings of 5th Intl. Workshop on Product Family Engineering, PFE-5 (Siena, Italy, November 2003). LNCS / van der Linden, F. (Hrsg.). - Heidelberg: Springer, 2003, S. 5 - 18
2003Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Testing Variabilities in Use Case Models.
Kamsties, E.; Pohl, K.LSF; Reis, S.; Reuys, A.


The derivation of system test cases for product families is difficult due to variability in the requirements, since each variation point multiplies the number of possible behaviors to be tested. This paper proposes an approach to develop domain test cases from use cases that contain variabilities and to derive application test cases from them. The basic idea to avoid combinatorial explosion is to preserve the variability in domain test cases. New strategies to capture variability in test cases are suggested, which in combination help dealing with all basic types of variability in a use case and in its relationships (e.g., <<include>>).