Pohl, K.; Jacobs, S.:
Concurrent Engineering – Enabling Traceability and Mutual Understanding.
In: Intl. Concurrent Engineering Journal, Jg. 2 (1994), Heft 4, S. 279 - 290
1994Artikel/Aufsatz in Zeitschrift
Concurrent Engineering – Enabling Traceability and Mutual Understanding.
Pohl, K.LSF; Jacobs, S.


Concurrent engineering requires the cooperation of people from different phases of the engineering process. Traceability between the different views (products), which exist in such cross-functional teams, is essential for enabling mutual understanding. Moreover, the different views must be related to each other and must be presented in a suitable way to support finding and resolving of incensistencies, conflicts, and different opportunities. We have developed and implemented a concurrent engineering environment, called PRO-ART, which is based on four main ideas: record, use and maintain the various products using formal product models; capture the relationships between the products detected during process performance; present the relations based an the ideas of the House of Quality (Co Decide); provide a computer based environment, which hides the formal models and automates the recording of products and their interrelations. The recording and situated retrieval of the information is enabled by a deductive and object oriented repository.