Kuss, H.m.:
\"Expert System\" wanted for sample digestion.
In: GIT Fachzeitschrift fuer das Laboratorium, Jg. 37 (1993), Heft 10, S. 859 - 861
1993Artikel/Aufsatz in Zeitschrift
\"Expert System\" wanted for sample digestion.
Kuss, H.m.


There is still a big problem for many anal. problems to find out the best sample ashing method. The attitude is decreasing to ash totally most different samples by attacking with chem. reagents. There is a need today to get anal. information about mols., compds., complexes, phases, and so on. This could not be achieved by the element anal., which is only the goal of total samples ashing methods coupled with appropriate anal. methods. Much more substances have to be investigated concerning their chem. reactivity. The huge no. of chem. reactions and the knowhow gathered in many labs. should be put together in order to create an expert system for the sample ashing.