Eckelhoff, Andrea; Hirner, Alfred Vitalis:
Mobilization of organic pollutants in soil columns through sodium dodecylsulfate.
In: Vom Wasser (Vom Wasser), Band 89 (1997), S. 297 - 304
1997Artikel/Aufsatz in Zeitschrift
Mobilization of organic pollutants in soil columns through sodium dodecylsulfate.
Eckelhoff, Andrea; Hirner, Alfred VitalisLSF


This paper describes the leaching behavior of org. pollutants in soil columns of orthic Luvisol under the influence of the surfactant sodium dodecylsulfate. After impregnation by solns. contg. the pollutants PCB 77, PCB 106, and the herbicide picloram, the soil columns were sprinkled with the surfactant soln. The hydrophobic PCB compds. wash out from the soil with the surfactant. The herbicide picloram, with a higher water soly., exhibits a different behavior; if the concn. of surfactant in the percolate is small, then the concn. of picloram is high. The mobilization process is a result of the water soly. of the compd. and the displacement of picloram from the soil surface by the surfactant. The PCBs are quickly transported in the lower soil horizon, and they can be found again in the percolate at levels of ?11% after 21 wk. No PCB could be detected in the percolate when sprinkling with water. The mobilization is clearly decreasing as soon as small quantities of org. substances are available in the soil. The high mobilization rates are not obsd. in the process of the imbedding the pollutants in micelles because the concn. of the surfactant in the percolate clearly lies under the crit. micelle concn. The displacement and the formation of the mixed aggregates are decisive processes for the mobilization of the PCBs.