Vinck, A. J. Han:
Coding Techniques and the Two-Access Channel
In: Multiple Access Channels: Theory and Practice / Biglieri, Ezio; Györfi, László (Hrsg.). - 1. Auflage, USA: IOS Press, 2007 - (NATO security through science series : Sub-series D: Information and communication security ; 10), S. 273 - 286
2007Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in SammelwerkInformatik
Coding Techniques and the Two-Access Channel
Vinck, A. J. HanLSF


We consider some examples of two-user access channels that play a role in information theory. We concentrate on two non-trivial models, the 2-adder and the switching channel model, respectively. For these channel models we discuss the capacity for the feedback and feedback free situation. We also give examples of coding methods that approach or achieve the capacity.