Wentzlaff, Ina; Specker, Markus:
Pattern-Based Development of User-Friendly Web Applications
In: Workshop Proceedings of the sixth International Conference on Web Engineering - Palo Alto, California: ACM Digital Library, 2006
2006Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Pattern-Based Development of User-Friendly Web Applications
Wentzlaff, InaLSF; Specker, MarkusLSF


Using patterns to preserve common problem-solving knowledge is a very popular approach. Each computer science community applies its own techniques to document engineering principles for the handling of recurring software development questions using patterns. Thus various pattern collections were evolved for dealing with specific problems of the respective community. As a result comparable patterns or redundant pattern descriptions exist in different collections leading unintentionally to a "reinvention of the wheel" time and again. Taking the development of a chat application as an example, we present an approach for integrating patterns from different software engineering disciplines. We transform problem patterns (problem frames) into solution patterns (design patterns) by using a case-based reasoning methodology to achieve a pattern-based software development process which systematically leads from natural language requirements to semi-formal near code level descriptions. We particularly consider non-functional software properties by combining design patterns of human-computer interaction (HCI) with software engineering (SE) patterns in order to support the systematic development of user-friendly software applications.