Caloz, Christophe; Itoh, Tatsuo; Rennings, Andreas:
CRLH metamaterial leaky-wave and resonant antennas
In: IEEE antennas & propagation magazine, Jg. 50 (2008), Heft 5, S. 25 - 39
2008Artikel/Aufsatz in ZeitschriftElektrotechnik
CRLH metamaterial leaky-wave and resonant antennas
Caloz, Christophe; Itoh, Tatsuo; Rennings, AndreasLSF


Composite right-/left-handed (CRLH) transmission-line (TL) metamaterials, with their rich dispersion and fundamental right-/left-hand duality, represent a paradigm shift in electromagnetics engineering and, in particular, for antennas. This paper presents an overview of the most practical leaky-wave and resonant CRLH antennas, which all exhibit functionalities or/and performance superior to prior state of of the art. The leaky-wave antennas provide full-space dynamic scanning capability, with fan beams, conical beams in uni-planar configurations, pencil beams without any complex feeding network, and actively shaped beams based on the concept of aperture digitization. The resonant antennas offer alternative properties and a solution to beam-squinting when no scanning is required, including multi-band (dual/tri-band) operation, zeroth-order high efficiency, high directivity, and planar electric and magnetic monopole radiators.