Schmidt, Albrecht; Döring, Tanja; Bahamóndez, E.V.:
Mobile Phone and Learning in Latin America.
In: International Conference on Mobile Learning 2009. - Barcelona, Spain: IADIS, 2009
2009Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Mobile Phone and Learning in Latin America.
Schmidt, AlbrechtLSF; Döring, TanjaLSF; Bahamóndez, E.V.


Mobile learning has become a core topic in developed countries, where mobile platforms compete with a well-established infrastructure of PCs. In contrast, the mobile phone is the first computing platform for most users in developing countries. In this paper, we will analyze the state in Latin America with regard to the access to information technology for learning. Our initial study focuses on Panama, because it is a good representative of Latin American countries in terms of availability of technology in schools, as well as educational challenges. Despite the lack of technology found in schools, an increasing number of people have mobile phones. This paper explores the potential for using mobile phones as learning tools and looks especially at how current teaching and learning practices can be supported, e.g. to solve math or language exercises. Besides, we look at the network and multimedia capabilities of mobile phones and assess how these could be used to support learning and, in particular, documentation and information gathering.