Schmidt, Albrecht; Kern, Dagmar:
Gas station flash survey – A Method for interviewing drivers.
In: Workshop on Automotive UIs. Mensch & Computer 2007 Workshopband. - Weimar, 2007, S. 41 - 46
2007Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Gas station flash survey – A Method for interviewing drivers.
Schmidt, AlbrechtLSF; Kern, DagmarLSF


Interviews and questionnaires are very important techniques to acquire information from the potential user. Surveys are one tool to understand users’ needs which is in particular helpful in the early phases of user interface design processes. To get meaningful information interface designers typically determine the target user group for an application. Most commonly, when designing in-car interfaces, the car drivers are the prime target group. In this paper we suggest a method to involve this group for a quick survey and we report our experience. The distinct features of this method are the location where the survey takes place (the gas station) and the length of the interview (2 to 5 minutes). This place ensures that the people actually use cars and have driven for sometime before the interview. The time is determined due to the task (filling the car) and people typically do not have plans how to spend this time and are happy to use this spare time to answer questions.