Mambrey, Peter; Törpel, B.:
Co-Constructing Collaborative Computer-Based Artifacts and Mentefacts.
In: Cooperative Systems Design. / Blay-Fornarino, M.; Pinna-Dery, A.M.; Schmidt, K.; Zaraté, P. (Hrsg.). - Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2002, S. 275 - 286
2002Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Co-Constructing Collaborative Computer-Based Artifacts and Mentefacts.
Mambrey, PeterLSF; Törpel, B.


In this paper we critically look at our own empirical work done during the past ten years done in our research institute in the field of Participatory Design for Computer Supported Cooperative Work. The identified shortcomings and experiences have guided our search for better methods in the fields evaluation and design of collaborative systems. We have looked for approaches for co-constructing change processes and future work in communities of practice instead of representing the existing status quo of work and work practice. The co-construction we are envisioning comprises communication processes on issues such as work practice, characteristics of the organization and computer applications as technological infrastructure. We will introduce four procedures supposedly evoking a variety of possible future work settings in the minds of the different participants as an integral part of the design process. Shared artifacts and mentefacts enable the discussions on design issues. The outlined approach is expected to meet the requirements of an appropriate Participatory Design approach for particular communities of the New Economy.