Jacob, Anna Katharina; Teichler, Ulrich:
The Changing Employment and Work Situation of the Academic Profession in Germany.
In: The Changing Academic Profession over 1992-2007: International, Comparative, and Quantitative Perspectives. / RIHE International Seminar Reports. Research Institute for Higher Education (Hrsg.). - Hiroshima: Hiroshima University, 2009, S. 253 - 270
2009Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Soziologie, Sozialwissenschaften
The Changing Employment and Work Situation of the Academic Profession in Germany.
Jacob, Anna KatharinaLSF; Teichler, Ulrich


Foreword / Shinichi Yamamotoi Keynote Speeches Keynote Speech 1:Changing Academic Profession in the World from 1992 to 2007 / Akira Arimoto Keynote Speech 2:Teaching versus Research in the Contemporary Academy / William K. Cummings Keynote Speech 3:Biographies, Careers and Work of Academics / Ulrich Teichler Country Reports on Internationalization Australia:International Dimensions of the Australian Academic Profession / Leo Goedegebuure, Hamish Coates, Jeannet van der Lee and Lynn Meek Japan:The Internationalization of Japan’s Academic Profession 1992-2007: facts and views / Futao Huang USA:The Internationalization of the American Faculty: where are we, what drives or deters us? / Martin J. Finkelstein, Elaine Walker, and Rong Chen Country Reports on Education and Research Activities Brazil:The Academic Profession in a Diverse Institutional Environment: converging or diverging values and beliefs? / Simon Schwartzman and Elizabeth Balbachevsky Japan Education and Research Activities of the Academic Profession in Japan / Hideto Fukudome and Tsukasa Daizen Mexico:The Academic Profession in Mexico: changes, continuities and challenges derived from a comparison of two national surveys 15 years apart / Jesús F. Galaz-Fontes, Manuel Gil-Antón, Laura E. Padilla-González, Juan J. Sevilla-García, José L. Arcos-Vega, and Jorge G. Martínez-Stack South Korea:Teaching and Research across Academic Disciplines: faculty’s preference, activity, and performance /Jung Cheol Shin UK:Teaching and Research in English Higher Education: new divisions of labour and changing perspectives on core academic roles / William Locke and Alice Bennion Country Reports on Careers Germany:The Changing Employment and Work Situation of the Academic Profession in Germany / Anna Katharina Jacob and Ulrich Teichler Japan:The Changing Academic Profession in Japan / Yusuke Hasegawa and Naoyuki Ogata Conclusion What Changes happened to the Academic Profession over 1992-2007? / Futao Huang Appendices 1.Conference Program 2.List of Participants