Brands, Dominik; Schröder, Jörg; Klawonn, Axel; Rheinbach, Oliver; Böse, Dirk; Erbel, Raimund:
Numerical simulation of arterial walls based on IVUS-data
In: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Jg. 9 (2009), Heft 1, S. 75 - 78
2009Artikel/Aufsatz in Zeitschrift
Numerical simulation of arterial walls based on IVUS-data
Brands, DominikLSF; Schröder, JörgLSF; Klawonn, AxelLSF; Rheinbach, OliverLSF; Böse, DirkLSF; Erbel, RaimundLSF


Atherosclerosis has become one of the most frequent causes of death in the last decades. So the analysis and improvement of corresponding medical treatments, e.g., balloon-angioplasty or stenting, are significant tasks in the fields of biomechanics and biomedical engineering. One important component of the simulation of arterial walls, especially of atherosclerotically degenerated ones, is the knowledge of their anatomical and physiological composition. The intravascular ultrasound and the interpretation by the Virtual Histology provide cross-sectional images of the diseased arterial walls where the different components are characterized by color-coding. The topic of this contribution is the 3D reconstruction and discretization of the artery using these color-coded images and the biplane angiography.