Park, Kwangho; Hinrichsen, Haye; Kim, In-Mook:
Binary spreading process with parity conservation
In: Physical Review / E, Statistical, nonlinear and soft matter physics, Jg. 63 (2001), Heft 6, S. 065103 (4 Seiten)
2001Artikel/Aufsatz in Zeitschrift
Binary spreading process with parity conservation
Park, Kwangho; Hinrichsen, Haye; Kim, In-Mook


Recently there has been a debate concerning the universal properties of the phase transition in the pair contact process with diffusion (PCPD) 2A-->3A, 2A-->0. Although some of the critical exponents seem to coincide with those of the so-called parity-conserving universality class, it was suggested that the PCPD might represent an independent class of phase transitions. This point of view is motivated by the argument that the PCPD does not conserve parity of the particle number. In the present work we question what happens if the parity conservation law is restored. To this end, we consider the reaction-diffusion process 2A-->4A, 2A-->0. Surprisingly, this process displays the same type of critical behavior, leading to the conclusion that the most important characteristics of the PCPD is the use of binary reactions for spreading, regardless of whether parity is conserved or not.