Rickert, Marcus; Nagel, Kai; Schreckenberg, Michael; Latour, Andreas:
Two lane traffic simulations using cellular automata
In: Physica A : Statistical mechanics and its applications, Jg. 231 (1996), Heft 4, S. 534 - 550
1996Artikel/Aufsatz in Zeitschrift
Two lane traffic simulations using cellular automata
Rickert, Marcus; Nagel, Kai; Schreckenberg, MichaelLSF; Latour, Andreas


We examine a simple two lane cellular automaton based upon the single lane CA introduced by Nagel and Schreckenberg. We point out important parameters defining the shape of the fundamental diagram. Moreover we investigate the importance of stochastic elements with respect to real life traffic. 1 Introduction In recent times cellular automata based simulations of traffic flow have gained considerable importance. By extending the range of rules from nearest neighbours to a range of 5 grid sites and introducing 6 discrete velocities 0 : : : 5 Nagel and Schreckenberg [1] have found a striking resemblance of simulation and realistic traffic behaviour. For v max = 1 Schadschneider and Schreckenberg have found an analytic solution [2]. For higher v max , these analytic approaches lead to good approximations for the average behavior [3]. Further analytic results can be found in [4]. Nagel [5] pointed out the strong connections between particle hopping models and fluid-dynamical approaches...