Delgado, Antonio; Baars, Albert; Kowalczyk, Wojciech; Benning, Rainer; Kitsubun, Panit:
Towards system theory based adaptive strategies for high pressure bioprocesses
In: High Pressure Research, Jg. 27 (2007), Heft 1, S. 7 - 14
2007Artikel/Aufsatz in Zeitschrift
PhysikFakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften » Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik
Towards system theory based adaptive strategies for high pressure bioprocesses
Delgado, Antonio; Baars, Albert; Kowalczyk, WojciechLSF; Benning, Rainer; Kitsubun, Panit


High pressure has been shown to offer unique possibilities for designing novel bioprocesses and generating new structures. However, high pressure processes have to be considered also as instantaneous but not homogeneous. As a consequence of this, thermofluiddynamical processes influence molecular and cellular mechanisms and kinetics. Thus, the urgent requirement for creating an adaptive process management, missing in the literature, is obvious. In this paper, a first attempt towards the development of adaptive process strategies is presented. It is shown that adaptive strategies have to include considerations regarding the interactions of all the components of the high-pressure system, variances due to the biological origin of the substances, and, particularly, methods for managing different data and knowledge sources. Furthermore, suggestions for the suitable design of adaptive process management strategies are presented and discussed. By means of a few examples it is elucidated that hybrid methods can contribute significantly in achieving the adaptability required. This paper is conceived as a brief composition to a plenary lecture presented at the XLIV EHPRG Meeting 2006 in Prague.