Walpuski, Maik:
Assessment of inquiry skills
In: Contemporary Science Education Research: Learning and Assessment, A collection of papers presented at ESERA 2009 Conference / Cakmakci, Gültekin; Tasar, Mehmet Fatih (Hrsg.). - Ankara: Pegem Akademi, 2010, S. 281 - 282
2010Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
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Assessment of inquiry skills
Walpuski, MaikLSF


In this symposium, the testing of scientific inquiry competence with paper-and-pencil tests in large scale assessments was presented from different points of view. The evaluation of the German Educational Standards was explained using the example of scientific inquiry in comparison to the evaluation of Standards in Switzerland. While in Switzerland the model of competence was evaluated before standards for science were defined so data from the evaluation could be used for this purpose, the standards in Germany are normative standards which were formulated based on theory and will be assessed in 2012 after a pilot study in 2009. The underlying models of competence as well as first results from studies in both countries are presented in this paper.