Hilgert, Jens; Bertram, Torsten; Hiller, Manfred:
Development of smart vehicles using a scaled mechatronic environment
In: MECHATRONICS, IFAC Conference on Mechatronic Systems - Universität Duisburg-Essen, DE; TU Ilmenau, DE, 2005, S. 85 - 90
Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk2005Maschinenbau
Development of smart vehicles using a scaled mechatronic environment
Hilgert, Jens; Bertram, Torsten; Hiller, ManfredLSF


In this paper an advanced method for the whole inechatronic development process for future 'smart' autonomous vehicle systems in order to satisfy special needs within the experimental verification and validation of such systems is presented. The method uses the similitude analysis together with scaled test vehicles. Special emphasis is given on the verification and validation of vehicle dynamics results. One advantage is the low cost of driving tests in conjunction with the low risk of harming the involved people or of damaging or destroying the test vehicles while simultaneously ensuring good experimental results. The experimental results can be used afterwards for analysis of the full-sized target systems. The contribution presented a two track vehicle model including the Magic Formula tyre model. Furthermore an observer to determine the vehicle body side slip angle is introduced. After the presentation of the scaled experimental equipment including the embedded technology results from driving test and simulation were shown.