Heim, Philipp; Lohmann, Steffen; Lauenroth, Kim; Ziegler, Jürgen:
Graph-based Visualization of Requirements Relationships
In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Requirements Engineering Visualization (REV 08) - Los Alamitos, CA, USA: IEEE, 2008, S. 51 - 55
2008Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
Graph-based Visualization of Requirements Relationships
Heim, PhilippLSF; Lohmann, SteffenLSF; Lauenroth, Kim; Ziegler, JürgenLSF


Understanding the relationships between require- ments is important in order to understand the requirements themselves. Existing requirements management tools mainly use lists, tables, trees, and matrices to visualize requirements and their interrelations. However, all these visualization forms have a limited capability to show multiple relationships of different types. In this paper, we propose to extend traditional requirements analysis and management by a graph-based visualization that allows to represent multidi- mensional relations in a direct and flexible way. In particular, we propose a special presentation form that enables the exploration of requirements along their relationships and facilitates understanding of dependencies between requirements.