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is the central resource of Duisburg-Essen University that lists all publication activities of the university members. The entries are based on information provided by the authors themselves and on imports from publication databases. The bibliography is run by the university library. Our editoral team revises and completes new entries.

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Newest publications

  • Grube, Malina; Weber, Frank; Kahl, Anna Lena; Kribben, Andreas; Mülling, Nils; Reinhardt, Walter:
    Effect of High Dose Active Vitamin D Therapy on the Development of Hypocalcemia After Subtotal Parathyroidectomy in Patients on Chronic Dialysis
    In: International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease, Vol. 14 (2021), pp. 399 - 410
  • Kowallick, Mirjam; Serdar, Meray; Markova, Boyka; Salveridou, Eva; Felderhoff-Müser, Ursula; Führer-Sakel, Dagmar; Heuer, Heike; Bendix, Ivo; Dewan, Monia Vanessa:
    Hyperoxia Leads to Transient Endocrine Alterations in the Neonatal Rat During Postnatal Development
    In: Frontiers in Pediatrics, Vol. 9 (2021), Article 723928
  • Jongmanns, Malte:
    Modellierung der Erzeugung und des Einflusses von Punktdefekten beim Flash-Sintern
    München: Verlag Dr. Hut, 2021
  • Ke, Qirong:
    Boron-selective membranes by surface functionalization with affinity hydrogel
    Duisburg, Essen, 2021