Persönliche Publikationsliste erstellen Build your personal publication list

Publication lists for Imperia pages

On webpages of UDE which are built using the content management system Imperia , you can easily activate the Imperia module "Mitarbeiter-Publikationsliste" to integrate your personal publication list on any webpage.

This Imperia module can include a person's publication list by entering the LSF ID. However, more complex search queries or the URLs of hit lists from the university bibliography can be used as search strings.
Help on using the module can be found on the Imperia help pages - or ask us:

Create personal publication list

Alternatively, you can use the following form to create your personal publication list directly from university bibliography data to link it or output it in various formats. This requires that the publications are linked with your own HIS LSF person ID. In case publications are missing, you can enter them here. in case entries have to be corrected, contact us. You can also choose publications by "tags".

Project-related publication lists

If you would like to generate publication lists for specific institutions, groups or research projects, we will be happy to help you prepare the data if necessary and formulate the corresponding search query: