Reuys, A.; Reis, S.; Kamsties, E.; Pohl, K.:
The ScenTED Method for Testing Software Product Lines.
In: Software Product Lines - Research Issues in Engineering and Management. / Käkölä, T.; Duenas, J.c. (Hrsg.). - Heidelberg: Springer, 2006
2006Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
The ScenTED Method for Testing Software Product Lines.
Reuys, A.; Reis, S.; Kamsties, E.; Pohl, K.LSF


In current practice, a significant problem of testing software product lines is its immense effort. However, this effort can be reduced by applying the systematic reuse concepts of product line engineering to the reuse of test artifacts. Such a reuse is established by defining and preserving variability throughout generic test artifacts in domain engineering, and by reusing these generic test artifacts in application engineering to derive product-specific test case scenarios. In this contribution, the ScenTED method (Scenario based TEst Case Derivation) is presented. The ScenTED method is based on the systematic refinement of generic use case scenarios to generic system and integration test case scenarios. The method includes activities in domain engineering for preserving the variability in the test artifacts as well as activities in application engineering for binding the variability of the generic test artifacts. In addition, the refinement of use case scenarios to test case scenarios enables the traceability between development artifacts and test artifacts.