Heim, Philipp; Ziegler, Jürgen; Lohmann, Steffen:
gFacet: A Browser for the Web of Data
In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Interacting with Multimedia Content in the Social Semantic Web (IMC-SSW'08) / Auer, Sören; Dietzold, Sebastian; Lohmann, Steffen; Ziegler, Jürgen (Hrsg.). - Aachen: CEUR-WS, 2008, S. 49 - 58
2008Buchaufsatz/Kapitel in Sammelwerk
gFacet: A Browser for the Web of Data
Heim, PhilippLSF; Ziegler, JürgenLSF; Lohmann, SteffenLSF


This paper introduces a new approach to browsing the Web of data by combining graph-based visualization with faceted filtering techniques. The graph-based visualization of facets supports the integration of different domains and an efficient exploration of highly structured and interrelated datasets. It allows to access information from distant user-defined perspectives and thereby enables the exploration beyond the borders of Web pages.