Loepp, Benedikt:
On the Convergence of Intelligent Decision Aids
In: Workshopband MuC 2021 - Mensch und Computer 2021 "Aufbruch in eine neue Zukunft", 5.-8. September 2021, Ingolstadt, virtual - Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., 2021, 4 Seiten
2021book article/chapter in Proceedings
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On the Convergence of Intelligent Decision Aids
Loepp, BenediktUDE
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Decision support ; Human factors ; Information filtering ; Adaptive systems ; Recommender systems ; User experience ; User modeling

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On the one hand, users' decision making in today's web is supported in numerous ways, with mechanisms ranging from manual search over automated recommendation to intelligent advisors. The focus on algorithmic accuracy, however, is questioned more and more. On the other hand, although the boundaries between the mechanisms are blurred increasingly, research on user-related aspects is still conducted separately in each area. In this position paper, we present a research agenda for providing a more holistic solution, in which users are supported with the right decision aid at the right time depending on personal characteristics and situational needs.